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Happiness meme

I don't know if today is supposed to be the last day of the happiness meme or yesterday was, but it doesn't matter i guess.


It's friday the 13th again! Yayayayayay!


I reorganized my podcast-tracking spreadsheet so i've actually got them coordinated by date. (ie episode of podcast X for week Z will line up with the episode of podcast Y for week Z.)

We had papa john's pizza for lunch, and they _finally_ remembered to bring parmesan cheese along with the pepper(?) packets. I wonder if i can justify stopping by a Papa John's store to buy some honey mustard cups to use with the free lunches.

Plus of course got to play boardgames and spend the night at shelleycat's place :)

Oh, and we had papa john's pizza again for dinner, and this time i got honey mustard sauce :) ate way too many calories though =P

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