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Things that make you feel dumb

I am... er, *does some math* 33 years old. I've been using computers for about... 25 of those years at a guess. I've been actually studying programming languages to some degree for... about 16 years, and been working as a computer professional for 10 or 11 years.

After all that, i still can't remember which is the slash and which is the backslash =P

When i say a drive name to myself i say "C colon backslash," and when i type it i type "C:\", so i think that might be the backslash, but i know there are contexts in which you use the other one (windows vs unix i think? I don't always remember that offhand either, i just look at what's being used for the context in question and use that) so i may just be confused. It would make a lot more sense to me if they called them "upslash" ("/") and "downslash" ("\") because both of those are pretty clearly going forwards to me and there's no backwards component at all to either of them.

There's a lot of stuff about computers that i don't know and really should, but that's got to be the most trivial item :)
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