DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Happiness Meme - Saturday

Since i spent the night at shelleycat's place last night so i didn't have the chance to post, but here's some happiness stuff to cover the meme for yesterday:

shelleycat and i got to hang out with catbird for the first time in many moons. We had some lunch and then stopped by Circuit City for their going out of business sale. It was... kinda impressive, although i suppose if i had been a big fan of Circuit City it would have been rather depressing. About 90% of the store was roped off because everything in those sections had been sold and the area was completely bare. The couple shelves in front had a really random selection of stuff, a lot of it was (badly) used store models of computers and printers and such. There were empty boxes and crates scattered all over, and the general impression was like some kinda second-world rummage sale or something.

shelleycat and i also went to see Watchmen yesterday evening, which was pretty good. I'd known it was supposed to be about "realistic" superheroes who are just as flawed as all the rest of us (well, rather more so since they were willing to volunteer to be superheros in the first place) but even so it was more ethically nuanced than i had been expecting. I thought the ending was very good (although i disagreed with some of the characters' actions) but i've never read the comics and am not exactly clear on what the differences between the two are other than that the comic ending was "more complex" and involved a squid for some reason.

And after we got back we watched Hellboy 2 while eating dinner. So all in all a very good day :)
Tags: movies
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