DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Race for the Galaxy

This is a post that will interest no one. Well, maybe one or two people, but no one else will even understand it :) But anyways, i think i've figured out just about the perfect game of Race for the Galaxy in the two player variant. There may be a somewhat stronger way to go (shelleycat did get within about eight points of me) but i expect there aren't any other ways as elegant, what with the game ending in five rounds :)

Boring game details:

I got Earth's Last Colony for my homeworld, which i was kind of eh about. Then i looked at my hand and noticed that i had Alien Toy Shop! Woot! I'd already kicked ass with that card in an earlier game getting it a little bit later, so i decided to try it our full bore.

So i pick Settle and 2x VP Consume for my first turn. Luckily shelleycat picked explore so i got an extra card. Then i got another card for settling of course, and one of them ended up being Gem World, which seemed like the card generation would be an awesome combo. So i got my 4 points for consume, and the next round i picked Explore +1,+1 and Produce, and hopped shelleycat would do a Settle.

So shelleycat did do a Settle, but for the Explore i actually got New Vinland, which was an even better card generator, so i built that for the settle, and got three goods with the Produce.

So for the last three rounds i picked 2x VP Consume and Produce. Round 3 i got 6 VP and 2 cards. Round 4 i got 6 VP and 2 cards. Round 5 shelleycat picked Settle and i had gotten Prosperous World by that point, so i build that and used it to consume the extra blue good instead of sending it through New Vinland for two cards which i didn't need anymore.

So i took all 24 VP chits (shelleycat hadn't been able to get any consume powers at all) plus 5 more points for my four worlds, for a total or 29. shelleycat had been going with a military strategy and had about 6 or 7 cards worth a total of about 21 points.
Tags: board/card games

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