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When Audible started releasing Laurell K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series i decided i ought to pick up the first few in the series, before it started developing the perennial Hamilton problem of too much sex and too little plot. Shortly after i started doing so shelleycat was tempted into picking up the latest book in the series and told me that it had actually started getting good again. So now my plan morphed into buying the audio books up until the bad times, then rereading the bad ones quickly to catch the occasional nugget of plot, then continue on with the good ones.

However now i can't figure out where the bad section starts! I'm most of the way through the third book, which is one of the decent ones, but i can't remember if the sucky ones started with #4 or #5. So i started looking for my original copies of the books since i don't want to waste an Audible credit on a book i won't enjoy that much. However i can't find them! I _know_ i bought all of them as soon as they came out, up to a point, but they don't seem to be on my bookshelves now =P After looking around i finally found the 5th one, in the unfiled "new books" section, but i have no idea where #1-4 are. I know that #5 (Mistral's Kiss) is one of the bad ones, but i can't remember about A Stroke of Midnight (#4,) and if i can't find the book i can't check before deciding whether or not to get the audiobook version. And even if i can figure out whether it sucked or not if i don't have #4 around to read in paper format then i'll either have to buy or borrow a copy of it or go ahead and get it on Audible anyways =P

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