DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Previews and polarization and 3D Movies

So first question, does anyone have a good simple explanation for what circular polarization is? How do you make circularly polarized light? How do you make a circularly polarized filter? Linear polarization is simple to understand, both the light and the filters for it, but the circular version is throwing me for a loop. Er, so to speak.

I saw a couple previews before Coraline. It was actually the second time i'd seen one for "9," which wasn't actually 3D. However while watching it this second time it suddenly struck me that it was almost as if Sony had bribed someone to make a Sackboy movie :) It still looks pretty cool though, too bad we have to wait another seven months for it =P

There were two 3D movie previews, "Monsters vs. Aliens" and Pixar's "Up." First i was wondering if perhaps i should keep the 3D glasses around to use for those movies, but then i started wondering if it might be smarter to deconstruct them to make some kind of attachment for my regular glasses, the way some people have clip-on sunglasses for their prescription glasses. I wonder if there's any way i could do that without having it end up looking incredibly ugly? I also wonder if they'll actually let you not purchase the $2.50 glasses if you've saved a set from last time. On the one hand, i bet they'd love to charge you extra regardless, but it seems like there ought to be a class-action suit in there somewhere if they tried it. Certainly if they refused there's no way i'm ever going to recycle their glasses for them. (They have a bin out front where they encourage you to drop your used glasses.)

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