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Two weekends

The weekend before this last one shelleycat and i met up with thaisa at the Bella Terra mall to hang out for awhile. We went to Islands for lunch and then went to see "Slumdog Millionaire."

If you were the kind of person who was totally unaware of what life can be like outside the US then Slumdog Millionaire would probably be a real eye-opener, as it is i just found the movie to be interesting and well done character story.

For those who aren't aware of even the basics of the movie, it's about some kids who grew up in the slums of India and are eventually sucked into the influence (directly or indirectly) of a crime syndicate. The story revolves around the protagonist, Jamal, going on the Indian version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and making it to the final round. This makes the show's producer suspicious that he might be cheating, and the police are called in to question him. The story is recounted in flashbacks as the protagonist relates the key events in his life that coincidentally gave him the answers to the questions on the show.

It was kind of interesting though how much of the movie audience was fooled by the last question on the game show.

Here there be spoilers!:

The last question was "Athos and Porthos were two of the Three Musketeer, who was the third?" One of the possible answers was D'Artagnan. For some reason everyone knows that D'Artagnan was in "The Three Musketeers." I have no idea why. _I_ know that D'Artagnan was in "The Three Musketeers" and i still have no idea why :) So you could hear a lot of people in the crowd making unhappy noises when Jamal picked one of the other answers as well. I actually had some vague memory though that although D'Artagnan was in the novel, he was not actually one of the eponymous Musketeers, so i was not surprised when the answer Jamal picked actually turned out to be the right one. I think i may actually remember that tidbit from some other quiz-type show or game :)

And as long as i'm wrapping things in a spoiler cut, as said before i wasn't really surprised by how much life sucks in the poor parts of India, since i've heard plenty of accounts of life in similar environments before. So the bit about rounding up orphan kids to use for nefarious purposes was certainly not a shock. However when they started testing the young boys for how well they could sing, i was figuring the obvious next step would be to castrate them. It turns out though that in India the "cool" thing is _blind_ singers, so instead they took the best singers and poured something in their eyes to blind them. What was odd though was that when Jamal encountered one of these kids later their eyes looked fairly normal. From what happened at the time i was expecting burned out husks, or at least heavily scarred or milky or cataracted or something.

Anyways after the movie we stopped by Pinkberry for a snack (of course =) and then thaisa headed home and shelleycat and i went back to her place.

Sunday shelleycat and i went to a book signing event by Patricia Briggs at the local Barnes & Noble. We'd actually noticed the sign for it last weekend, but i forgot to grab any of my copies of her books to bring along, so i ended up buying a hardback version of her new Mercy Thompson book, "Bone Crossed." (This is the were-coyote series.) After the signing she spent awhile reading a section of the book and then awhile more answering questions.

Since we were in the area (again) we of course had to stop by Pinkberry (again,) although this time i tried a different variety of toppings than my usual, although i was sad that apparently we missed the pomegranate seed topping by one day =P

I headed home after that since i had to be in at work early on monday =P

This weekend:

Boardgaming and dinner at Mongolian:

shelleycat and i met up at a cafe near her place for "breakfast" around 12:30, and then drove up to Gameology for the mid-month boardgaming event. As expected between Valentine's Day and StrategiCon(sp) the place was pretty deserted. (We'd thought about going to StrategiCon instead, but i think shelleycat didn't feel up to dealing with someplace that crowded.) We did play a couple games of Dominion though and then tried out Kingsburg for the first time, and thought it was pretty interesting, though we're really not sure what the overall strategies of the game are, or how anyone could use particular tactics to get a runaway score. We walked across to Mongolian for dinner around 6 and decided to call it quits for the day after that since shelleycat was feeling braindead and there really wasn't much of a crowd to go back to anyways.

We'd originally been vaguely thinking of watching some BSG in the evening, but i was flipping through channels while shelleycat was taking a shower and ended up stoping on the "second" Star Wars movie (clone something?) and we never managed to move off of it :)

Sunday we went to the mall and made relatively brief side-trips to Pinkberry and B&N before going to see Coraline in 3D.

Coraline was excelent. There wasn't really any shock-scares, just creepy mood stuff, which is great in my opinion :) The only time i really got tense and started hudling against shelleycat was when she first encountered the "other-mother" and i wasn't sure how they were going to handle the reveal. When that didn't turn out to be bad at all i pretty much stopped worrying about it for the rest of the movie.

Afterwards we went to Islands for dinner. It's kind of amusing, shelleycat was adamantly against the idea of going to Islands for the first... year and a half that we were dating, because she said it was inferior to Red Robin. Then i finally convinced her to go there so we could get the tortilla soup, and after trying that and the appetizer sliders we've been back about three times in the past month i think :)
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