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Normally i'd be pretty gung-ho about going clubbing on a friday the 13th. However i figured i probably shouldn't do any extra driving while i've still got the engine light on my car on, even though it's just an emissions issue. (Long story. I'm taking it in on monday.) Plus, i can always do it on friday the 13th next month :)

So what have i been doing instead? Link hopping. Been reading some game reviews by Shamus (the DM of the Rings guy,) starting with an incredibly amusing set of them about Silent Hill Origins, as well as some other game design articles by him. I've also started looking through the Lets Play Archives again (although i wish the index included the date of when each game replay was posted.)

Also, shelleycat game me a link to some weird steampunkish movie on google video which i've only watched a little of so far.

And as usual for the past two or three weeks shelleycat and i have been playing Dominion on Brettspielwelt :)

And since shelleycat reminded me, in 30 minutes i'll be watching Dollhouse :)

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