DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Apparently Squenix is trying to buy out Eidos. I guess they want to get their hands on the Lara Croft assets for some reason?

...that doesn't sound right :)

And related to the above, it also turns out that the sum total of all the Midway Games stock is worth a little more than $100,000. That's how much someone paid for about 90% of it anyways. Well, that and assuming about $70 million worth of debt =P I'm not sure if that's part of or in addition to the $240 million worth of debt the company has for defaulting on a $150 million loan. Not a good time for Midway.

But i guess if one was willing to declare bankruptcy after the fact there's not a much cheaper way to be able to say "i used to own a major video game company!"

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