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This isn't productive, but it's entertaining :)

For all the herpephiles out there (who've probably all already seen it =) "Fossils from northeastern Colombia reveal the biggest snake ever discovered: a behemoth that stretched 42 to 45 feet long, reaching more than 2,500 pounds."

Also, another one of those google streetview things, but this one is geeky and cool rather than depressing :) (And here's an archived picture of it in case the actual google image gets overloaded the way the deer one did. (Just ignore the stupid comments.)

It's interesting that as you move up and down the street they change positions, and then suddenly it's a different season and the lot is covered with bushes :)

And this link is about some British WW2 propaganda that's suddenly made a "comeback" (this particular piece was apparently never actually used during the war, though it's similar to a lot of the sentiments used in other propaganda of the time.) We could definitely use a little more of that attitude now-a-days =P

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