DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


The Retro Video Game Music Show has changed time slots to 4-6 =P Luckily i can actually be done with work by 4 today (Or better yet possible a little before 4) so i can try to listen to the crappy reception on the drive home and then plug into the internet stream for the last 75% of it. However trying to make sure i've got enough OT to cover that plan for _every_ week is a pain =P

I also need to figure out if i'm going to Ruin this week. Normally i'd say yes since i missed it last week. However shelleycat and i are planning on going to the Gameology board game day tomorrow. (Apparently on months with five saturdays they do it on both the fourth and fifth saturday.) So i'll be getting up about 8 or 9 am for that. Do i want to be getting back from a club at about 3:30 am, and quite possibly not getting to sleep until 5 or 6, in that case?

Alternately i could try rollerblading in the morning, but i couldn't go out much later than 9. The sun doesn't rise until 7 and the forecast is only for about 60 degrees at 9 =/

Alternately alternately i could try to go to Malediction sunday night instead, though my track record of that on days where i start out at shelleycat's place has been pretty poor =P

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