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Uh oh...

Have i mentioned that Pinkberry is evil? Actually not that evil i suppose, because despite to being addictively yummy there's not that many calories in their stuff. A medium "original" yogurt is about 150 calories plus whatever toppings you want, and since my favorite toppings are raspberries, blackberries and kiwi that probably doesn't add too many calories.

The first time we went to one shelleycat and i got the green tea flavor, but it had a sour taste to it that made it seem really weird. But the "original" flavor tastes really good even though it has the same sourness to it. I guess it just doesn't clash with the base flavor (plain yogurt? vanilla?)

Anyways, the last time i checked Moogle didn't show there being any Pinkberries anywhere near me. However this time i checked out the actual store locater on their website, and _that_ claims there's one on Hawthorne by the mall, two long blocks north of my regular route home... Taking advantage of that might actually help my diet, but it probably wouldn't do much for my wallet =P ($5 for a medium with three toppings.)

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