DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Supid Developer

I'm going to have to stay very late tonight anyway, and this isn't helping matters any =/

Microsoft's Visual C++ developer has a stupid bug. If you use PerForce as your source control program rather than SourceSafe, every so often VC++ will decide to copy your breakpoints.

We don't know what causes it, it seems to happen in clusters, you never find just two or three copies, it's a dozen, or a hundred. The first time it happened i had what i guestimated to be about 1000 breakpoints, all spawned off of an original ten or so.

My officemate had it happen to him, except an equally small number got duplicated until her had over 10,000.

This is all bad enough, but when you start VC++ loading the workspace takes an amount of time that is proportional to the amount of breakpoints you have in that workspace.

I have the feeling that that's what has happened this time, because I opened the workspace, and it got up to the 90% mark or so, and stopped. It's been sitting there for a _long_ time. The Task Manager says that MSDEV.EXE is using up 99% of the CPU, so the CPU time gains one second for every second that goes by, The CPU time just passed one hour. Admitedly five or ten minutes of that may have been from before i switched to this workspace, but that's still a _hell_ of a long time for it to be loading!!!
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