DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

A little bit of good news

The last five or six times i've weighed myself (over the past seven or so days) i've come out to exactly 178.6, which seems a little suspicious. Aren't you supposed to vary a little bit between weighings? =P However today i finally managed to break the trend, thankfully in a downwards direction, and came out at 176.6! Yay!

Perhaps my five mile walk yesterday helped. Speaking of which, in less good news it's raining outside =P I think i might actually wear a jacket for once. And screw the dress code for one day, i'm gonna be wearing jeans and my docs. (At least it's not like plenty of other people in development don't say "screw the dress code" on a much more regular basis.) I'm also thinking i should look into catching the bus along the 2 mile segment of Carson.
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