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Car stuff

So the expected cost of car repairs is round about $1300 this time. (Replacing the struts/shocks on and bearings on the front tires.) Assuming they don't find anything else wrong. This definitely means no HD TV to go with the PS3 in my immediate (or even moderate) future. Every time i have to get car repairs the whole leasing thing sounds more and more attractive =P

At least they said they should be done tomorrow, but they're not sure if it will be before or after noon. If it's before noon i can afford to pick it up when they're done and get into work a little late (i already told me boss that might be a possibility.) If it's after noon i'm not so sure. The alternative plan would be to take the train into work and pick the car up thursday morning.

At least i got this afternoon "off" out of the whole thing. Although i didn't actually get home till 3:30 or so because of the long ass walk back from the repair place. Oh well, exercise is good.

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