DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


My playstation credit card finally showed up! Now i just need to figure out where i want to get my PS3 from and which version to get. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't have any cool deals for it like they did a week or two ago =P

I'm leaning towards the 160 GB Drake's Fortune pack. It's $100 more than the 80 GB version, but it comes with a game that's worth about $50 ($60 from Best Buy, $42 from Amazon) and obviously has an extra $80 GB. For the remaining $50 i could certainly buy an extra hard drive that was larger than 80 GB and install it myself, but there's a certain amount of value in the saved hassle of not having to screw with it myself.

Unfortunately when i checked at Costco a couple days ago they didn't have that version. In fact the one they did have was an 80 GB that was more than $400, but i think it had some extras packed in. I guess that means Best Buy is probably the next best choice, unless i want to wait around a few days to see if Amazon puts up another deal.
Tags: video games

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