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A plethora of coffee posts (and comments)

Since everyone seems to have an opinion about coffee...

Several of my coworkers here have a cool little device that's effectively a drip coffee device that you can use to make an individual cup or two of coffee. I haven't examined them up close but it pretty much appears to be just the cone part of a drip coffee machine mounted on a plastic plate with a small hole in it so you can set it on top of a cup or thermos. Of course since there's no electric parts attached you need to provide your own hot water, but that seems to be a requirement for a french press or an Aeropress as well. The main advantage of this thing, or so i'm told, is that since it uses a normal coffee filter you can just wrap up the grounds in the filter and throw them away and there's nothing else that needs cleaning.

Clearly if i get one of these things i'm also going to get some pre-ground coffee. I am not going to grind my own coffee at work. I am also most definitely not going to be setting fire to roasting my own coffee beans at work. Sorry sithjawa ;)

So the next question is, does all ground coffee need to be frozen? Or does it only really matter for the good stuff? And how long does it last while frozen? And for that matter how long would it be good for if not frozen? :)
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