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No pizza for me :(

Well i was still feeling sick when i got up this morning around 9, as expected, so i emailed in sick and then went back to bed. Which is kind of unfortunate since they were supposed to have pizza for lunch today, and it's one of the last days to hang out with coraa and jmpava before they head back home, though if things go according to plan at least i'll get to see them later this evening. Plus i was maxed out on sick time just because i do get sick so infrequently, so it seemed like a good idea to actually use some hours up when i finally got the chance.

I woke up again about at 2 or 2:30, and i know that given the rare chance to take care of some chores on a weekday i really ought to go deal with some of that stuff now, but i don't really feel up to it, even though i feel better than i did when i got up this morning :(

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