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Now with new and appropriate icon!

Remember how Sony swore that they weren't going to drop the price on the PS3 this holiday season?

Well _technically_ they didn't lie. However two weeks ago they announced a "Playstation credit card." Like all new-fangled credit cards it allows you to earn points by spending money, in this case towards the purchase of Sony products. However the big kicker is that if you sign up for one between now and December 31st they will give you $150 off the purchase of a PS3. Of course depending on how it affects sales this price drop special offer may end up getting continued. I guess those of you who believed their earlier guarantee of no price drop and already purchased one within the last month and a half are just out of luck. Sorry if i'm the bearer of annoying news.

So the question is, should i take advantage of this? Is it really just a sneaky way to offer a price drop, or is there a catch? I really don't know what i need to look out for with credit card offers since i've only ever had one credit card in my life. It's even an old-fangled one without any kind of incentive program. On the one hand it seems like a shame to break that noble tradition (at least i'm going to pretend it's a noble tradition rather than sheer laziness) but if there's actually no significant catch it would be rather silly not to take them up on the offer. Especially since the only reason i've been putting off the purchase at this point is concerns about the price. (I was also concerned about the return of backwards compatibility for awhile, but i've given up on that fantasy by now.)
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