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I think i mentioned that i got home from Ruin about 3:30 or so and got to sleep at 4:30 or so. Or possibly 5:30, i'm not sure. In any case i ended up sleeping in until 3 pm saturday "morning" =P Between writing the big long LJ post and showering and stuff i didn't get over to shelleycat's place until 7 pm.

Weekend at Shelleycat's, getting dinner, getting drunk, watching stuff:

We contemplated where to go to dinner, and i said i really felt like Outback. We didn't think there was one nearby but shelleycat said there was one in Costa Mesa that wasn't _too_ far away. But when we checked Moogle and Outback's website and turned out there's actually one at the Westminster mall. So we ended up going over there with one of shelleycat's housemates and a friend of hers. I hadn't eaten all day so dinner was very yummy. And since i wasn't driving i had two blended margarita's and a wallaby darned, which was enough to get me... i believe "schnockered" was shelleycat's term for it :)

Afterwards we went back to her place and watched an episode of Engineering an Empire and then watched Stardust since i'd never seen it before, which was pretty cool. Without being too spoilery i was very amused that at one point when someone does some major magicky thing to get them out of trouble the guy's first reaction is "well why didn't you just do that in the first place?" Not that there wasn't a decent explanation for it, but that was _my_ first question too :) We finished the movie around 1:30 or so and crashed. (Or i did anyways, shelleycat ended up being insomniac for awhile =/)

Part 2: Shopping and lunch and not quite drunk and watching stuff:

We got up around 10:30 or so sunday morning but just ended up lazing about until around 1 pm, when we went out on another shopping expedition. Since i've now been to Ruin three times in the past three weeks i've been feeling that my clubbing wardrobe is kind of insufficient, consisting as it does of a single pair of pants and a couple interchangeable plain black t-shirts. So we went down to the beach to check out a local goth clothing store there, but didn't find anything worth getting, either of shirts or pants. We did stop by a candy store and picked up lots of candy though :)

After that we went back to the Westminster mall and checked out the Hot Topic. Unfortunately they only had one style of black pants which shelleycat decided did not look very good on me. I did get a couple t-shirts, but none of them are really appropriate clubbing wear. (I got one Zelda shirt, one Rush Moving Pictures shirt, and one Hellboy 2 B.P.R.D. shirt.) I also picked up a DVD of the second season of Red vs. Blue since it was on sale for $12.

We thought about going to Todai for lunch after that (which i've heard about frequently from people but never actually been to) however when we stopped by to check it out on the way out of the mall we found that it was closed for the break between lunch and dinner =P So instead we went to BJs, which was conveniently right next to the party store where i picked up some hair spray paint stuff (one bottle of white and one bottle of "black light.")

shelleycat had never been to a BJs before, but apparently was impressed by the diversity of stuff they had. I ended up getting one of the new bacon cheeseburger pizzas and a salad, while shelleycat got the soup and salad combo and stole half a slice of my pizza :) I also got two pints of the the berry cider, which shelleycat judged in the post-analysis was enough to get me mildly tipsy :)

We went back to her place after that and watched a couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica, a couple Pixar shorts from the Wall-E DVD, and the last episode of TrueBlood for the season.

Malediction: Cool costumes and cute girls:

After that i headed home to get ready for Malediction (with the slight distraction of talking to my parents for a bit first.) I left the apartment almost exactly at 10, and got to Malediction a little after 10:30. There were lots of costumes, though about 50% of them were schoolgirl outfits. They also had Spirits Within, Advent Children, and Howl's Moving Castle playing up on the TV monitors. (I got to watch most of the Cloud/Sephiroth fight while dancing :) I spent the night alternating between dancing and walking about looking for/at costumes. It's surprising how much easier it is to start conversations with people when they're wearing anime costumes. I chatted briefly with a generic Nobody and a Halloween Town Sora (i was glad i wasn't the only Kingdom Hearts character there =) and then spent awhile talking to a cute girl in a Major Katsuragi costume. And while we were talking the camera person came along and took a picture of the two of us, so there will be a picture of my costume (along with the cute girl =) up on the website in a couple weeks. Towards the end of the evening i also talked to a guy in a Cloud outfit, who it turned out made the Org 13 cloak for the Nobody i'd talked to earlier, and was quite happy that i'd liked it. He and the Nobody and a third friend of theirs apparently go to Ruin most weeks, so i may run into them again.

Despite having talked to a number of individuals i still didn't feel associated with anyone well enough to tag along to the post-club breakfast(?) at IHOP afterward, which was probably just as well since i had work in not that many more hours. I got home about 3 and crashed on the couch (in order to promote actually getting up in the morning and not hitting snooze forever) and got up at 5, and was in at work at 6:35, which was pretty speedy for me :)
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