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Okay, i think this rates just below the time i managed to give myself a rather sever "paper"-cut on a cup of yogurt. I seem to have put a very small but relatively bloody hole in my upper lip with a diet coke can. I took a drink and felt a small but sharp poke on my lip. When i looked closely at the can i saw a small metal shaving poking up from the bit in the center that holds the tab on. I poked at it a bit and managed to bent it back and didn't think much more of it until after a couple more sips of pop, at which point i noticed that there were several spots of red on the bottom of the tab now =P

Edit: It's stopped bleeding, but now it hurts when i smile, out of all proportion to the size of the injury (just like a paper-cut of course.) Since i'm listening to Bujold's "A Civil Campaign" in the background this is serious detriment :)

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