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I've only managed to find one new song this week by searching for half remembered lyrics from clubbing last week. (Speaking of which, does anyone know offhand if the phrase "Tonight we dine in hell" was used anywhere before the movie 300? I could have sworn the song with that in its "lyrics" was around before the movie. Unfortunately trying to google that while searching for anything other than a reference to 300 is pretty damn futile, and if there are any other words to the song in question i can't remember what they are.)

Anyways, the one i did find is Jem's "They." And dude, it turns out that she's really cute! Too bad a random sampling of other songs by her on YouTube hasn't found anything else i particularly like so far. And while checking wikipedia to see what else she's done i also noticed that she's _very_ close to my age, which is kind of cool.

Edit: Dude! It turns out that there's another version of that music video which seems to have some higher quality video and, er, some other additions *cough*. And did i mention that she's really cute? :)

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