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While looking through my morning websites i found out that Nintendo has told retailers that they can start selling GameCubes as soon as they arrive at the store!

It's too bad that Nintendo isn't being a little more public about it, perhaps they'll say something about it on the 15th when the X-Box ships. This is so strange, companies just don't do this normally, but it's cool, and it's probably a smart move on Nintendo's part.

So anyway, i was making plans to go around to all the stores that are going to be carrying the GameCube and see if any of them were willing to fork one over.

However i went and talked to the other nintendo fan in the office (or at least the only one i know of) and he said that i probably shouldn't do that, since he'd been talking with the guy in charge of our studio, and he'd said that we're going to be getting GameCubes the same way we got PS2s last year.

Apparently Electronic Arts has some kind of deal to ger GameCubes from Electronic Boutique even though I don't think the companies are linked in any way. (Well, other than having their hands in each other's pockets of course =) So the monday after the official ship date we're supposed to be getting 20-30 GameCubes, and another 20 or 30 a few days later! =)

So it's a good thing i tried to let others know about the early release before trying to go out and buy my own =) Of course this means that i still have to wait about a week to get one, but hey, can't argue with a free GameCube =)

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