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Unintended experiment: Have dinner at 9 pm thursday night. Don't have breakfast friday morning. Or rather have 280 calories of runts (practically pure sugar) for breakfast around 10 and 11.

Results: The hyperness from the sugar combined with the beginning of low-blood sugar seems pretty similar to at least part of the stages of being tipsy from alcohol. (Though i'm not sure how the magnitude of the effect compares. Presumably it varies based on how much sugar vs. how much alcohol.)

This is very good result to have figured out during lunch when i've already got a sandwich to eat. I'd rather not have to deal with the further effects of low-blood sugar. Actually i'm already starting to feel a little clammy and "not good" light-headed, but the veggie patty i've just ingested should fix that soon :)

I think i never figured out this comparison earlier in my life since i really never drank much until... my mid to late twenties? Not that i drink a lot now, but getting tipsy on average probably a couple times a year has at least gotten me to the point where i can recognize the symptoms :)

Edit: Oh! I know a quick fix while waiting for the protein to make its way through my system! More sugar!!!! :)

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