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It's almost time for results to start pouring in! I'm going to be on IM and on IRC (, channel, uh, donaithnen i guess unless someone suggests something else.) (And the usual DaP channel of course.)

It took me five minutes to vote, going in at 2:55 or 3 :) I spent far longer than that just going over my notes at home and writing down what i wanted to vote on. (I skipped a couple local races/props that i wasn't able to find enough information on and which don't really affect me as a relative transient.)

After that i spent about 30-40 minutes getting dinner :) There's a 98.9% chance i'll be celebrating our victory and a 1.1% chance i'll be trying to drown out our defeat, but either way my diet is blown for today :) (And for that matter, probably for the week after the party. I gained 5 lbs between saturday morning and monday morning =P)
Tags: nutrition, politics
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