DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Obama's ad thing

So, is Obama going to say anything complex or specific during this infomercial? Or just a lot of platitudes and the same talking points he's already hit in the debates?

Oh look! Even the people with those stupid family stickers on their cars can be democrats! =P

sob sob sob

gah, cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes. I'm not sure we can afford that. He has to say it to get elected, and maybe he'll even follow through, but we really need to bet getting our debt down.

more sob.

Yay! Seattle! :) Wait! What about nuclear??? You mentioned nuclear power at least _twice_ during the debates!

"I'll cut the programs that don't work!" That's pretty easy to say, the difficulty is when you get down to the specifics.


*snerk* it's a clip show! :)

So i think the answer is no, nothing particularly new or interesting to those who've been paying attention the the campaign so far, at least not that i noticed. Oh well, hopefully the sheer audacity of it convinced at least a couple undecideds to watch and maybe make up their minds.

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