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I headed out rollerblading at 4:36 i think, and got back around 6:20. I only had time for one big lap and three small laps (14 miles total.) I had the bright idea of making a pad of toilet paper and attaching it to the sore spot on my ankle with a wrappy bandage. Unfortunately the spot was still sore while i was rollerblading, and i'm not sure if the pad made it worse, or if i would have been totally screwed without it :)

Having the wrist weights changes the dynamics of a lot of songs. There were several songs where i was skating relatively sedately but waving my arms around a lot. However it seems like i must be doin it rong if i'm rollerblading and feeling a burn in my arms but not my legs :)

The one advantage of going rollerblading at these times is of course that i actually get to see the sunset. I wonder if it would be a bad idea to bring my camera along while rollerblading? I wonder if it would be a bad idea to do so while also using the wrist weights? :)

Also, doing push-ups right after getting back from rollerblading is a bad idea. I had to spend awhile picking all the carpet crap off my chest when i was done =P I'll have to think of something else to do to warm down (which shelleycat claims i need to do if i'm not going to strain more muscles.)
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