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I'm sure it could be worse. but "rolling over in bed to turn off the alarm" has got to be at least _near_ the top of the list of most pathetic ways in which to strain a muscle =P

On the plus side, i was afraid that i wasn't going to lose any weight this week since i kept hovering around 186.0, but today i finally made it down to 185.0! Yay!

Also, when i went i got off the phone with shelleycat last night i really was tired, and i _should_ have gone to sleep right away. But then i looked at the clock and saw it was 12:45, and i figured i could kill some time for 15 minutes and get an even eight hours of sleep. (Needed to get up relatively early this morning so i could get ready before heading over to shelleycat's place so we can go up to Gameology.) So i decided i could just start a game of Civilization Revolution at the next difficulty level and stop in 15 minutes. Of course in 15 minutes i was busy trying to figure out where to start my next settlement. Then i was surrounded by the French and trying to prevent them from out-Culturing me, and then the French declared war. Well, 7 hours of sleep is still pretty good, right? Fighting back and forth with Legions and Archers wasn't going so well, but then i discovered gunpowder and got Rifflemen! Which the Russians i was playing as can build for cheap! well, 6 hours of sleep isn't _that_ bad, right? Of course after finishing off all the French on the mainland i found myself face to face with the Egyptians, and their tech was a lot poorer than the French had been, so i steamrolled them. Then the Mongols decided they wanted a piece of me (gods know what they were thinking) and i took all two of their mainland cities. Then i realized i only had one more palace to capture in order to get a domination victory, so i declared preemptive war on the Japanese and finished the game just a little before 4. 5 hours of sleep! Yay!

Yes, i am dum =P
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