DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Money money money

Today has been an expensive day. $100 for rollerblades, $50 for yes on Prop 2, $50 for no on Prop 4, $50 for no on Prop 8, $50 to the DCCC, and $50 for Wii Ware games :) (World of Goo, Megaman 9 and Final Fantasy: My Life As a King)

Yes, there _is_ a reason why the first* thing i did after getting the Wii's disk reader repaired was download stuff that didn't depend on the disk reader at all =P When i talked to the repair people on the phone they said that it was _probably_ a simple hardware failure in the disk reader and they could just swap it out, however there was a small chance that the problem involved something else, in which case if necessary they'd just give me a new Wii. Which is great and all, but when you get a new Wii there is _no_ way to transfer certain kinds of save files over, and although you can transfer your account to the new Wii and redownload anything you've bought (or so i've been told) it's still an annoying process to go through, and i'm not sure what happens to the Wii Ware save files in that case. So i figured it was best to wait and see if i was going to be keeping the same Wii or not before buying anyhting.

(*Actually i did put in Wii Fit first. According to it i've lost 18.3 lbs since the disk reader broke. It also mused about not having seen ceph in quite awhile. Given it's tendency to castigate people i wondered if perhaps it was subtly accusing me of foul play :)

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