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24 October 2008 @ 09:50 pm
Last two days  
Left work early on thursday to go get my Wii fixed.

Getting Wii fixed and gaming:

I left work about 11:30 and headed up to the repair center in Chatsworth. Traffic was pretty good and i got to the place at 12:30. I'd originally be thinking that i'd probably drop it off and have them mail it back to me so i could turn around and get to shelleycat's place early. However when i gave it to them they said they'd have it done in an hour and a half. I figured it was definitely worth waiting arounf for that, so i wandered off for a bit to find a gas station, then sat around for awhile listening to Eifelheim on audiobook and cutting off split ends.

I got the Wii back and headed back south at 2:15. Unfortunately by that point the traffic was starting to pick up. In fact i heard later that there'd been some big accident on the 405 south of Huntington Beach, but at the time i figured it was just afternoon traffic. It certainly didn't help that my AC was on the fritz again and not making any cold air =P I got down to shelleycat's place around 4:15 or so. We went by Carls Jr to get some food and then went over to her friend's place to do gaming. My four(?) game winning streak was broken in quite a thorough manner. I lost a game of Thermos Taxis by 1 point, then lost a game of Munchkin by quite a number of points, then tied for second in another game of Munchkin... with everyone except the person who won =P Then to cap it off i managed to be the only person in a game of Qwirkle who didn't get a triple digit score =P

After that we went back to shelleycat's place and watched the latest episode of TrueBlood before bed

Rollerblade shopping:

I left work a little early today too. I went by Roller Skates of America and checked out their rollerblade collection. The best looking option at a reasonable prices was a K2 Exo, which is the same type i use for Wumpskate, but i guess this is a more recent version. They had it for $140, but when i checked the list i'd written down earlier i noticed that Sports Chalet had K2 Exo listed as regular $140, on sale for $110. I debated internally a bit before deciding that i really ought to support the small local skating specific store. However it turned out that they didn't have any in size 10 =P

So i went to Sports Chalet and found that they had a K2 Exo, but it was only $100 and it _wasn't_ on sale. I guess it was version X - 1? In any case i also considered a more expensive Rollerblade brand one that _was_ on sale for $100 as well, but it had some silly weird "active" braking system, and the guy running the shoe section said that K2 usually had better boots. Since i was concerned about my ankle getting banged up more and i knew the K2 Exos worked well for me at Wumpskate i decided to go with that.
cwendy41cwendy41 on October 26th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)
I've got K2s, too. Mine are a few hundred miles away from me.