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Despite having made no further progress on my decision to buy a PS3 i keep looking at LittleBigPlanet videos from time to time. (I think it was supposed to be out today before the one week delay?) Of course the coolest thing about it is all the levels that other people have made (like the working calculator or the level that plays the "To Zanarkand" song) However Sony has (of course) put out its own videos to advertise the game. Some of them are really cool, and as expected they're put together a little better than the fan made videos on YouTube :)

There are two "Life in LittleBigPlanet" videos (Part 1 and Part 2) that are made to mimic nature documentaries, particularly of the Steve Irwin ilk. (I think they're narrated by Stephen Fry, the person who did the voice acting for the game.) It looks like there will also be at least a Part 3 at some point, though it hasn't shown up on the Playstation YouTube channel yet. There are also a couple commercial like things on there though, like "Making Fun", "Dream" (which has a cute ending) and "Sackzilla."

Okay, i think i've done enough unpaid advertising now for a game i don't even own yet on a system i don't even own yet :)
Tags: video games

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