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22 October 2008 @ 12:44 pm
Buying stuff  
neonelephant and i went to GameStop and TJs for lunch today. It turns out that TJs has stopped selling Monster drinks, which makes me very sad :( Especially since i was depending on them for a caffeine fix for lunch =P Now my options are reduced to 7-11 (very convenient and very expensive) and Costco (very inconvenient and very cheap.) It was nice having a middle option.

I've been debating for awhile about getting Civilization Revolution and if so what platform i should get it for, the options being DS or PS3. The people on the two main video game podcasts i listen to were very enthusiastic about the game a couple months ago, and in fact several of them were particularly happy with the DS edition. However the two video game sites that i usually check for reviews both gave the DS version about a half step lower in the review (9.0 vs 8.5 and A vs A-). This wouldn't be particularly notable if the podcasts i was listening to weren't being made by the people from those two websites :) Anyways, i went into GameStop trying to decide whether to get Civilization Revolution for the DS or wait till i got a PS3, and whether i wanted to get Disgaea DS instead. So of course i ended up buying both of them =P I did at least manage to resist also getting FF4 and FF Tactics 2 for DS :)

Edit: Oh yeah, and when i asked the register person about the lack of Monster drinks on the shelves she A: confirmed their discontinuation and B: complained about it herself :) Apparently being popular with both the staff and the customers (or at least some of them) wasn't enough to keep them in stock =P