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I got into work about a 30-40 minutes later than i was originally intending, in part because i spent about 10-15 minutes trying to figure out that the song stuck in my head from Wumpskate was this. The music was stuck in my head pretty hard but only a couple bits of lyrics were legible(?) in my mental playback, and it turns out that "just like you" is not a very specific search term :)

I felt a little silly when i finally figured it out because it's by Covenant, the same people who did Ritual Noise, another song i really like that gets played at Wumpskate a lot, though of course i had no way of knowing that a priori (not being the kind of person who recognizes particular singers/bands very well off hand.)

Anyways, the song is cool and from what little i saw before running off to work the video is pretty cool too.

(The other big part of why i was late was cause i spent awhile looking up and downloading new video game podcasts.)
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