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Right before the debate started they were asking their uncommitted voter panel what questions they wanted the candidates to answer before they could make up their minds. My question for the uncommitted voters, particularly the self-declared republican and democrat ones, why is it that with three weeks left to go and after two and a half debates that you don't feel you know enough to decide on someone, and how do you possibly feel like they can manage to address that in the hour and a half of the last debate? =P

You know, i'm really not expecting that much from this debate. I have a very vague and general idea of what i think would be a good idea in foreign policy. I have no idea what the best way to fix the economy is, and i expect both candidates to put forth ideas that sound like they might be plausible but which i don't really feel like i can judge =P And i don't really expect either of them will stick to any promises they make at this point about the economy in general or spending in taxes in particular.

McCain: "He's gonna raise taxes on small business owners!" Obama: "No i'm not!" Another verse, same as the first =P

Yay nuclear power!

Ha, he managed to get in a slam at Fox news :)

...and the _moderator_ brought up the slander angle!

and McCain pulls out the sob story about Lewis =P

McCain really can't let the Ayers thing go.

Obama did do a good job of repeatedly trying to end the personal attacks bit because it "wasn't what was best for the american people."

we've "gotten to know sarah palin" yeah right =P

Think of the special needs children!

Yeah, Biden has made foreign policy mistakes, like supporting the second Iraq war, but you're not likely to cite that as a mistake huh? :)

Canadian oil is fine! Yay!

Nuclear pants! Nuclear pants are the solution!!!
I'm getting sick of the phrase "we can't drill our way out of the problem." It's true, and i guess it needs to be repeated since McCain keeps bringing up the offshore drilling thing =P

Yay! Let's nitpick language!

It's a little unfortunate that they got them to both sit down at the same table, and now CNN has reduced them both to floating heads =P KCET on the other hand keeps flipping between different camera views, and usually focuses on whoever's talking and doesn't show you the other person at all.

Wow, McCain is really flat lining on the tracker thing for his health plan.

Ha! Roe v. Wade! And McCain struggles to not just come out and say "i want to criminalize abortion" =P

... elections have consequences and they should be judged on their qualifications? Did i hear that right?

Surprise surprise, when McCain talks about outlawing abortion the men like it and the women don't =P

And now McCain is against the health of women! That caused the lines to plummet :)

... how can McCain go from saying he thinks the states should decide about abortion because he's a Federalist to talking about how No Child Left Behind had some problems, but that was only because it was the first attempt to provide a nation-wide solution to the issue of education, so we need to fix it? Oh yeah, it's probably that being a politician thing =P

And Obama gets the last word of the last debate! Go coin toss! He was a little weaker than i expected, but it still seemed to go over well.

And McCain does another little dance afterwards trying to get around the table.

Not as many comments for this one as i expected.

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