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Some questions are easier to answer than others

After writing that last post i decided to walk down to the Bristol Farms on the (opposite) corner of my (rather large) block since the jelly belly site told me they had jelly bellies. It turns out that their bulk candy is only $7.99 a pound, so even cheaper than the 10 lb packages from the jelly belly website! Unfortunately their selection of individual flavors was _extremely_ limited. Somewhere between a half dozen and dozen. So i got about 1.1 lbs of mostly watermelon and pear with a little buttered popcorn tossed in, just for a little variety.

Then i stopped by Subway on the way back to get some dinner. I did get a different kind of sandwich than i had for lunch though, just for a (very) little variety :)

Of course now i need to stop by some place that has a better variety to see if they can match the price of Bristol Farms.

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