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So doing some math regarding my previous post about jelly bellies. (Jelly bellys?)

Upon closer examination of the TJs receipt, it turns out they actually charged both boxes as one item, so it's actually $2 there for 5oz/142g of jelly bellies. That comes out to $6.40 a pound.

coraa reports that Costco has 4 lb containers for $15, or $3.75 a pound. So even correcting for my earlier error Costco is much cheaper than TJs (big surprise =) although the TJs boxes only have 20 different flavors, most of which i like, while the Costco containers apparently have 48 flavors, so i'd have to see how the mix compares.

Both cwendy41 and i independently got the idea of checking the Jelly Belly website. If you want individual flavors you can get them in various sized packages ranging from about $8 to $10 a pound. So definitely more expensive than either of the other options. Still, $9 a lb for a mix of Juicy Pear, Watermelon, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Wild Blackberry and Top Banana doesn't sound too bad to me :) Of course the real question is do any of the stores that sell them in bulk have them for anywhere close to that price? A small increase would certainly be worth it of course just to account for what i'd have to pay for shipping if i ordered them direct.

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