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Debate stuff

Oh come on, the "protections" against CEO pay raises and golden parachutes are a joke =P

So did the $140 billion of pork added to the bailout bill include lots of road and bridge projects? =P

Does McCain _really_ want to bring up the issue of home values? :)

Hmmm, i think McCain's answer to the first question was less specific, but also more targeted at appealing to middle america with the propping up homes bit. Why didn't Obama hit that?

And what's his name (Brokaw?) _is_ doing follow-up questions!

Woot! Term redefining! I'm not sure "rescue" is good enough, perhaps we can rephrase it as an acronym that spells "Patriot"?

Okay, the freddie may(sp) card has come out, are you gonna hit back on that Obama? Yes, yes he is :) can you say you have confidence in the American economy just two minutes after blasting McCain for saying he thought the basics of our economy are strong? =P

You really ought to mention what the economy was like under Clinton's administration specifically, not just that it got worse under Bush.

Yay! Everyone agrees that Washington DC is to blame! =P

...Obama has never taken on the leaders of his party on any issue. Except perhaps the Clintons on who ought to be president =P

Has the american public woken up yet to the fact that you can't trust _any_ politician when they say "my opponent has voted for X number of bills that do Y"? =P

McCain supports nuclear power, is Obama going to reiterate his support of that?

Quick! Who can do a better job of dodging the incriminating question about placing priorities on things!

...holy fuck, Obama actually prioritized them. He still implied that we could do them all, but he did prioritize them.

Wow, a question from someone who remembers back when they actually understood about sacrificing for your country. I kinda doubt either of them will give a real answer to it. Modern americans can't handle that idea. Wow, McCain's government spending freeze is both a goal _and_ a sacrifice! Oops, Obama outdid him on the previous question, McCain had to go back and reanswer it.

..._Obama_ brought up 9/11 first?!?

Yay! Nuclear energy! Who would have thought that this was the year when _both_ parties would (nominally at least) support both nuclear power and homosexual rights?

Obama is still being a pansy, and i understand why, but at least he's demonstrating at least _some_ of the kind of leadership i'd like to see. Unlike McCain of course.

...okay, i'm not sure that trying to slander your opponent by accusing them of protectionism when a lot of americans are really afraid of where the economy is going is a good thing.

Quick brief answer and then segue back to the previous subject! =P How many iterations of "X!" "Not X! Y!" "Not Y! X!" etc have we gone through by now? =P

Dude, i am not your friend McCain =P

...the first ten or fifteen seconds of McCain's response sounded like "oh fuck! it's an environmental question!" Wow, they're really pushing the nuclear power option. This may be the only thing about McCain i approve of. That got rather rambly towards the end.

Wait, Obama didn't get a chance to respond to that follow-up question did he?

That question can only be answered by someone with the judgment and experience of choosing to charge into Iraq =P

Gor'am it, would you stop talking about al-quaida rebuilding bases in Iraq? They're only there at all because of _your_ and Bush's bad judgment!

Wow, a double-loaded question, tying Pakistan _and_ Vietnam together!

Obama the warhawk.

McCain the story teller.

We need to convince Pakistan to help us with the cruel Taliban (we can handle the friendly cuddly Taliban by ourselves.)

I looked into Putin's eyes and saw three letters, K.G.B. ... but not the _evil_ KGB.

Wheee! Softball question about Israel!

Let's ask McCain the same question someone suggested Palin should have been asked. Can you name a precondition?

Well thank the gods we don't want a second Holocaust, i was kind of wondering about that for a bit =P

"You're in the way of my script" Ha. And then McCain scampers away while Obama takes a single step to the side. Interesting.

Edit: Hmmm, the supposedly conservative people on CNN are reluctantly admitting that Obama won the debate, even if only by keeping it even when he's ahead in the polls. If they're saying that then i wonder what the public is thinking.

Edit Edit: Huh, i somehow missed the "that one" comment that everyone is talking about now

Edit3: Lucky for me it's already up on YouTube.

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