DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Video game stuff

Nintendo had a conference or something today/yesterday and announced a whole lot of new stuff. The most important of which is probably the new revision of the DS, called the "DSi". The new version adds a somewhat bigger screen, a SD card slot, two cameras (although there still seems to be some disagreement about whether they're both 0.3 megapixels or whether one of them is actually 3 megapixels) a web browser, better WiFi, and a few other improvements. It does lose the GBA slot though, which apparently makes some people very sad.

There's also two video montages of upcoming games for both the Wii and DS which are kind of interesting. The DS lineup is here and the wii lineup is here.

I kinda suspect that everyone who really cares already knew about all that though :)

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