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Well that's a pleasant surprise! The TJs Cobb salad actually has less calories than the Thai Peanut Noodle whatever salad! That means i can have a cookie later! Or chocolate! :) I know that noodles have a lot of carbs in them but, more than eggs and chicken and bacon? Wow.

In other not worth it's own post news:

As usual, going to TJs while starving is not conducive to leaving with a light load.

Choosing which line at the register to wait in based on which one has a cute girl running the cashier is not particularly conducive to getting out of there in a hurry.

And also, i'm pretty sure i made a post when i got my big giant box of soap. I should go back and figure out when that was so i can calculate how long it took me to get through the first 8-pack, and thus how long the entire box should last.
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