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Thanks to sol_rei

I'm not really sure if i'd like to be a teacher or not, but i definitely don't have the talent. I would like to be an author, but once again, the skill set is somewhat lacking. Don't know where the hell Chef came from. 4 5 and 6 all once again fall into the category of that would be great, if i could do it. So does 7 for that matter =)

What's really great is that my current job is actually on the list, but it came in at #20 =) Guess that means that i'm supposed to be unhappy with this job? =)

Your Results
# 1 Teacher
# 2 Author
# 3 Chef
# 4 Graphic Designer
# 5 Web Designer
# 6 Artist
# 7 Astronaut
# 8 Doctor
# 9 Engineer
# 10 Geneticist
# 11 Lawyer
# 12 Mathemetician
# 13 Movie Star
# 14 Park Ranger
# 15 Politician
# 16 Researcher
# 17 Rock Star
# 18 Salesperson
# 19 Chemist
# 20 Computer Game Programmer
# 21 Inventor
# 22 Professional Sports Player
# 23 Reporter
# 24 FBI Agent
# 25 Police Officer

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