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Yay big box restaurants?

You know, counting calories would probably be much more intolerable if i wasn't okay eating the exact same stuff 90% of the time. The only reason i'm not still eating Subway roast beef sandwiches three or four days a week is because shelleycat told me i ought to be switching my kinds of proteins around. I'm dubious about the actual nutritional value of that, but it wasn't much work to look up the data for two other kinds of Subway sandwiches there and switch between them :)

And going to local stores and restaurants rather than chains might be better for the local community, but the big chain restaurants almost all have nutritional information posted on the web. Casa Playa and Mustards don't even seem to have websites, much less nutritional information there, and when i asked at Casa Playa in person they had no idea what the nutritional values for their stuff was either. And figuring it out by hand is a pain.

I suppose in another ten years every business in existence will have its own website, and maybe ten years after that we'll be able to take snapshots of our meals with cellphones (or whatever) and have a program analyze the picture to figure out the nutritional values. In the meantime i'm stuck with big chains or lots of math and guesswork =P
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