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That's depressing

Yay! Someone else must have complained about the expired diet coke in the fridge! :)

I've been playing around with the BMI and BMR/RMR calculators here.

It's depressing that despite losing 10-15 pounds in the last five weeks (depending on the vagaries of the scale and clothing) i'm still at least 20 lbs overweight =P

I'm currently at a BMI of 27.8, the middle of the "Overweight" range. I'll have to get down to 170 to be right at the upper end of the "Normal Weight" range. If i want to get to the _middle_ of the "Normal Weight" range i'll have to get down to about 150!! (And i wouldn't even be "Underweight" unless i got below 130! =P)

What's really depressing is that at 170 i'll have a BMR/RMR of 1792/1722, and at 150 it'd be 1667/1632! At least once i hit 150 (if i should be so lucky) i can add back in the 1.2 activity level factor which brings it up to a more normal 2000/1998.

What's really odd is that looking back at what i was eating before the diet i must have been putting away about 3000 calories per day on a regular basis! Possibly more! (400 for breakfast, 1000 for lunch, 1000 for dinner, plus a _lot_ of snacks.)

It's not surprising that i ballooned up to 210 lbs, but what is surprising is that i stopped and held steady there for at least six months. I should still have been gaining more then a pound a week at that point and actually leveled off close to 300 lbs!!! Either that or my activity level was at about 1.55, "Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days a week." Yeah right! =P

I think if i do hit 150 i'm going to have to formalize my tendency to not pay too much attention to my calorie count on the weekends and make up for it with exercise, otherwise i'm gonna go insane =P
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