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I did a little more poking around the internet and decided that REI had the best wrist weights available, at least when you consider the convenience of them shipping it to the local store for me :) So i ordered a pair of those which should theoretically be showing up there a week from now.

I stopped by Best Buy on the way home and got a new pair of headphones, yay!

I noticed the from wheels on my rollerblades were getting pretty seriously worn, so i spent quite awhile rotating the wheels (quite awhile because i had to spend some time banging on them with a hammer to get the screws unstuck, and then some more time cleaning all the bits.)

I figured out a couple days ago that there's actually a free version of Microsot Visual Studio while looking for some stuff in SDL and i finished setting up a Visual Studio SDL project and transfering my Acquire clone code over and got it running. DevCpp is pretty cool for a 3rd party solution, but the debugging wasn't working very well at all. As soon as i got the project running in Visual Studio i was able to break in and figure out why it was freezing right away, yay!

Okay, that's it for doing stuff, time for bed now :)
Tags: programming, rollerblading

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