DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Gor'am it! My regular home headphones have decided to go on the fritz =P The right speaker is mostly not working at all now, with occasional bursts of sound whenever the wire twitches just right. I guess i need to stop by Best Buy or something tomorrow and get a new pair.

In more positive news, the "shot block" things are pretty cool. I don't know if they have any effect on my physical performance or not, but it's nice to have something for my mouth to play with while i'm rollerblading, and the strong taste helps me ignore the rotten undertone that's almost always present at a beach.

One of the advantages of going rollerblading earlier in the afternoon, unlike today, is that there's usually not a 5-10 mph south-easterly blowing in my face the entire return lap. I'd much rather go rollerblading in no wind, because the extra help going in the other direction doesn't make up for the pain of coming back. I ended up quitting at about 6:45 (i think) because the sun was setting and only got in one long lap and three and a bit short laps. (Total 14 miles.)
Tags: rollerblading

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