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I'm getting ever further behind in recaps =P

First half of last week:

Not much happened during the beginning of the week. I went to Wumpskate on monday. A couple thing i think i forgot to mention before is that my cardio-vascular system seems somewhat improved, at least in terms of rollerblading. I managed to do about two and a half heavy songs in a row without having to seriously slow down or stop for a break :) Also, the board game players were back again, this time playing Carcassone. I need to find out if it's a regular thing and/or what their schedule is. I might actually be able to convince shelleycat to come to Wumpskate some month if i can figure out when they'll be there next and they'll have room for an extra player.

I ended up not sleeping at all monday night, so i came home early tuesday and went to bed around 5, and got up at about 4 the next morning.

Wednesday i came home early and went rollerblading, then went to bed around 11.


Thursday night was gaming with shelleycat's friends as usual. They've implemented a new system where people accumulate points and use them to pick games based on how many hours they take to play. We started out with something called "Trans-America," which is railroad game i actually enjoy, surprise! Pretty much all you do is put down one or two pieces of track every turn, trying to connect the cities you were dealt. Each round goes pretty fast, and there are a fairly small number of rounds each game (i think we did about four rounds in the game we played.)

After that i used my points to play a game of Amun-Re. Unfortunately despite the box's claims of 1.5 hours, it ended up running for about 4 hours since i'd only played it about twice before (and that about a year ago) and no one else had played it at all before.

Oh, i also stopped at Sports Chalet on the way over to shelleycat's place to see if they had any wrist weights i could use while rollerblading, since my arms are doing practically nothing. Unfortunately the only wrist weights they had only went up to 2 lbs, so i bought some ankle weights that go up to 5 lbs, with the intention of adapting them to my wrists if i couldn't find anything better anywhere else.


I checked some websites over lunch and it turns out there are a lot of better wrist weights out there than the ones Sports Chalet had. There's some that go up to 5 lbs, and some that go up to 2.5 lbs but look like it would be pretty easy to fit more than one pair on a wrist. The REI website claimed to have some of the later kind, so i stopped by the one in Manhattan Beach on the way home. Unfortunately that REI didn't have a fitness section, but while looking around i found that they have a cool energy bar/stuff section. They had a lot of kinds of Luna bars that i haven't seen at either TJs or Albertsons, plus some stuff called "shot blocks" which are some kind of chewy candy that's supposed to contain electrolytes and comes in interesting flavors, and best of all, caffeinated jelly bellies!!!

So i picked up some of that stuff and headed home, then spent most of the evening losing at a game of GalCiv before going to bed around 1.


I got up around ten or so on saturday. Spent an hour or so losing some more at GalCiv, then tried to do laundry. Unfortunately all the machines were full, and there was another person waiting for someone to take their stuff out of the dryer so he could move his stuff from the washer to the dryer. It took about 30 minutes of waiting before a single washer freed up. I managed to stuff about 75% of the stuff i'd originally intended to wash into that machine, but then when it was done i waited about 30 minutes for someone to to take their stuff out of the dryer so i could put my stuff in, before finally giving up and moving someone's stuff from inside the dryer to on top. The stuff was still very wet, like it hadn't been dried at all, which makes me wonder if someone else had moved it from a washer to a dryer to make room for their own stuff =P

I had originally been planning to go rollerblading, but between the delays with laundry and the cloudy skies i decided to skip it.

So i finally ended up heading over to shelleycat's place about 3:45 and got there a little after 4:30. We went out to an A&W's restaurant to get dinner and then watched the first episode of Trueblood (which seems pretty cool so far) and about four and a half episodes of Battlestar Galactica. (A warning to anyone else still working on season 1 or season 2.0, don't watch the final episode of season 2.0 on the last disk ("Peagsus.") There's an extended version of it on the first disk of season 2.5. shelleycat and i were rather annoyed when we found that out, and spent awhile fast-forwarding through the extended version trying to spot the extra bits =P)


We got up a little before noon, but spent awhile reading and such before heading out for lunch around 1. We went to an Indian place that does an all-you-can eat buffet until 2pm on sundays. I ate more food than i probably should have, but we went to the arcade after that so i got at least a little exercise. We didn't actually play any games together this time. I played some Dance Maniax and Gauntlet Dark Legacy (or whatever it's called) and shelleycat played some zombie shooting games and Klax.

Afterwards we went by the mall and checked out REI (they didn't have a fitness section either) and Cost Plus (which shelleycat wanted to browse through) and then went to Pinkberry for a snack. Then we went back to her place and watched another episodes of Battlestar Galactica (the pretty crappy one dealing with the black market.)

I headed home around 9 and didn't get much done for the rest of the night. Watched a little tv, lost another game of GalCiv (the Masochistic setting is more, well, masochistic than i remember it being =P) read a little, went to sleep around 1.
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