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The weather is broken

Every single time i've checked the weather reports (either or, for both home and work) for more than a week it has given pretty much the exact same report. It always says that overall the day is partly cloudy. It also always says when i check the hourly forecast that there will be clouds or partial clouds from approximately 2am to 10am, and sunny from about 11 or noon on.

Of course the "current conditions" are always listed as "cloudy" because it's always bloody overcast outside, even in the middle of the afternoon when they predicted it should be sunny! I know meteorology isn't an exact science, but how can they be making the exact same bad forecast for so many days over such a short period? You'd think they'd figure out there was some kind of systematic error at some point =P There is some bias in that i only check the weather report when i don't like the weather and wonder how long until/if it will change, but even so that's been a significant percentage of the days for the last two weeks or so. And on none of those occasions have they actually predicted clouds for the times at which i was checking =P

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