DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More rollerblading

shelleycat and i thought about going to Malediction last night, but she ended up not feeling up to it, so instead i went rollerblading today. I was kind of worried around 11 or noon when i was walking shelleycat out to her car and the sky was completely overcast, but by about 1 an offshore breeze had blown the clouds off a bit and by 1:30 or so it was pretty much clear and sunny.

Got down to the beach right around 2 and finished up about 3:45, doing one long lap and four short ones again (another 16 miles.)

So after spending two hours out in the sun it looks like the initial indicators are that SPF 15 is enough to keep me from burning for at least that long, even on the parts of me that are pasty white. In fact, i don't think i even tanned at all with that stuff on.

On my way back i thought about stopping by Casa Playa for dinner except that i didn't have my wallet with me. I could have stopped by my apartment to get cash and then gone back, but i also didn't want to have to deal with figuring out new nutritional values =P I was going to go to In-n-Out but then i got the bright idea of checking Chipotle's website and found that they had nutritional stuff posted for their food, so i ended up going there instead.

Oh, speaking of both rollerblading and nutrition stuff, according to shelleycat if you drink pickle juice before exercising it reduces the likelihood of getting muscle cramps! And, uh, some other stuff that i've forgotten the details of. Not that i normally have a probably with cramps (occasionally, but not normally) but hey, an excuse to drink pickle juice is an excuse to drink pickle juice :) (Although it'd be nicer if i could drink it after exercising, when i'm totally desperate for salty stuff.)
Tags: rollerblading

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