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Awesome clubbing week

So, a week and a half late and, er, $10.50 short?

Monday - Wumpskate:

Got to wumpskate around 9:30, and despite claiming they'd be getting there "later" ceph and theinated showed up not too much longer after that. I alternated between skating and hanging out with them outside the rink since theinated wasn't able to skate because of his knee (although he did take lots of awesome pictures =)

We ate some doomie tacos, i took a break to give shelleycat a call, then spent most of the rest of the time skating with ceph until they left around 12:30. I stuck around until closing, right before 1:00.

Nothing much at all happened tuesday or wednesday.

Thursday - doctor:

2gouda4u has been harassing me for awhile about some medical stuff i need to get done (she's good at that ;) and i finally got around to doing something about it. I figured i could get my "yearly" physical check-up and STD tests at the same time just to minimize the number of trips necessary. However when i called up my doctor, or rather whoever it is that answers the phone when you call the hospital, they said that A: my regular doctor (as opposed to my "Primary Care Physician") was no longer with them and they'd have to set me up with someone new. B: The soonest they could set me up with an appointment for a new doctor for a physical was Sept. 22nd. But C: there was a doctor who had a free slot where i could get the STD tests and the other stuff dealt with next thursday (but didn't have enough time for the full physical i guess?)

So i went into the doctor's office over lunch, and was almost late for my appointment because the parking lots were all packed. Turns out that going to the doctor costs $25. $10 for the copay, $15 for the parking =P

So i got all the usual stats taken (Weight 208 lbs :( temperature only 98.0 for some reason, they didn't tell me the blood pressure) and got blood taken and stuff. The doctor told me that i'd need to come back in a week to pick up the test results (and i think the referral too) but when i called up the office again later they told me that the results would be mailed to me and i wouldn't need to come in again. Except it turns out that they had the wrong address for me, since i didn't know they were going to be mailing stuff to me i didn't think to check when i was actually in there. I still haven't gotten anything from them, so i don't know if they're slow in mailing it out or if they already sent it to the wrong address and i'll need to get them to send another copy =P

After that i decided since i was already out i could stop by the nearby japanese place for lunch. And was amused to see the doctor i'd just seen go into the place about five or ten minutes after me :)

Friday - Ruin:

Left work a little early on friday and went over to the Bella Terra mall to kill time while waiting for shelleycat to get home so we could hang out for a bit at her place. I grabbed some In-n-Out for both of us on the way from the mall to her place and we watched an episode or two of Battlestar Galactica before i headed off to Ruin.

When i got to Ruin i found that ceph and theinated had unexpectedly shown up, so i spent the evening hanging out with them and dancing. It was Ruin's last night at that location, which was kind of sad. I'm going to miss it there even though it's already got new digs.

They headed out... sometime around 1? I stuck around till closing at 3 (an hour later than normal.) I headed towards home but took a diversion to work and finished up the two or three hours i needed to get done, and got home right around 8 and crashed.

Saturday - Rollerblading and party:

Saturady was shamiksan's birthday party, and a day or so earlier i'd gotten come up with the notion that i ought to try rollerblading up to it. I could claim i spent the day or so considering the merits of the plan before committing to it, but it was really something i thought of spontaneously and immediately jumped on board, with the occasional intermittent thought of "is this idea possibly too crazy to be reasonable? ...nah!" :)

So i got up sometime shortly after noon, and was ready to head off a little after 2, a bit later than i'd originally wanted. I stopped by Albertson's on the way to the beach and grabbed two bottles of water, which fit reasonably well in the webbing stuff on my backpack.

I got down to the beach about 2:30 and started rollerblading north. It took me about an hour to get to the big smokestack thing near El Segundo, which is as far north as i'd ever been on that path before.

I went through one and a half of the two bottles which were... 700 mL each i think. Then stopped at a water fountain and refilled both of them.

The bridge over the little split off part of the marina and the path up the spit was pretty cool. However once the path got back to the mainland it followed one of the side streets for awhile and then turned to parallel Admirality for awhile before splitting off into the gods know where. After a bit more it reemerged to cross Washington, which i knew was not where i wanted to go. So i followed Washington up until i was able to get back to Admirality and find thumbie and shamiksan's place.

I actually got to their street around 4:45, so a little more than two hours after i'd set off, and i think the last mile marker i'd seen on the path before having to abandon it was 15.5 or so. (The stairs i always use down to the beach are at the 0.25 marker.)

However since i was in the Marina del Rey area and right at the marina anyways, i decided to take a detour to Panay Way to see if i could find the place that kirinn and i used to work at. Unfortunately i couldn't find anyplace that looked completely familiar. I'm not sure if i'm just not remembering what the place looked like from the outside (i still have some fairly clear mental images from the inside) or if the place was torn down to make way for new construction. I'm not sure if the biggish hotel places towards the end of the pier/spit/whatever are new, or if we just never went that far down the way so they didn't stick in my mind. In any case, having failed in my side quest i went turned around and got to the party at 5.

There was much socializing, and snacking, and a party trick or two, and random YouTube watchings. And we went out for a walk with the intent to catch the sunset, but were a little too slow.

We went back to the apartment for some more socializing and cake and pie and such. At the point where people were starting to get tired and heading off and the party was pretty much over ceph, theinated, maggiedacatt, lucasmembrane and i decided to stop by some fancy hamburger place called "The Counter" or something like that to get some real food. The feature of this place was a build your own burger menu with tons of options. Unfortunately i'm not very good at coming up with interesting combinations of food, but rather than do a regular bacon cheeseburger i finally managed to come up with a vaguely mexican salsa type burger.

We finished up about 10:45 and i started rollerblading home. I gave shelleycat a call for the first 30 or 45 minutes or so back. I got back about 1 am and went to bed pretty soon after that.

Sunday - Shelley:

I got up around 11:30 or so sunday morning and headed over to shelleycat's place not too much longer after that. I stopped by Target on the way over to get a kitchen scale and Battlestar Galactica season 2. I ended up grabbing a new bathroom scale as well, but they didn't actually have any Battlestar Galactica DVDs at all, so i ended up heading down to Best Buy for those. When i got there we went to Wienerschnitzel for dinner, which i don't go to very often, and took the food back to her place and watched some Battlestar Galactica.

Okay, only one and a half more weeks to catch up on =P
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