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Yay! Went rollerblading this afternoon!

Went about 9 miles along the beach in just over an hour. Except upon counting paces from the 1.75 marker to the pier i only got about 100 (although i might have been under counting at the end when i had to slow down) and on my way back i counted about 160 going from 1.75 to 1.5, so the last bit may only be about 15 or 20% of a mile instead of .25 =/ On the other hand upon double checking Moogle it says that the path i take from home to the beach is 1.1 miles (compares to the out of the way 1.2 mile path it tried to recommend =) so if i count the trip there and back as 2 miles then i can count one lap to the pier and bask as 2 miles as well, so my total mileage for today was about 11 miles.

I don't know why i bothered with sunscreen before going out though, today was totally overcast and cool and not particularly good rollerblading weather at all =P
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