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More Olympics frustration

*grrrrr* If they were _actually_ showing the Olympics live i could be watching women's beach volleyball right now (and could have been watching the stuff i'm watching now about the point i got home.) Instead it's going to be on after i _ought_ to be going to bed =P

Also the "what we're going to show tonight" bit at the start mentioned the volleyball at 11, but _didn't_ mention the gymnastics exhibition which the website claims is supposed to be on between 8 and 9. Well, it's 8:39, and haven't seen anything about it yet... *hopes* (Although how can they cover that much of it just the 20 minutes left even if they started now?) I know that they've made a big deal about their online stuff, but this year just doesn't seem to have as much TV coverage of the interesting stuff as i remember from earlier Olympics. Maybe that's just because the ones i remember most are from when i was younger and had the summers off so i could sit around all day watching Olympics instead of going into work.

You know, NBC has three main channels (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC) two of which are showing _nothing_ currently, and one of which will be coming on with Olympic _walking_ soon =P One of those could be showing the _actual_ live feed and one could be showing the live rebroadcast.

Also, looking at the medal results for the US and China, if i were tempted to try and analyze a strategy used for selecting athletes i might guess that China sent an elite bunch of superstars while the US threw everything it had at the wall to see what would stick, but as the host country isn't it China that's sending everyone they can? Of course there have also been some allegations about China not exactly playing fairly... =P

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